Cold And Flu

Beyond the Modern Medicine Cabinet: Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

It’s cold & flu season again. At the first sign of illness, chills or just a feeling of being ‘unwell’, some people open their medicine cabinet and turn to a newfangled antiviral prescription medicine. While another new Big Pharma ‘solution’ is just around the corner, there are alternative natural and herbal alternatives to prescription and OTC medicines. A prominent place should be set aside in the modern medicine cabinet for these traditional and natural alternatives, empowering people with more options when it comes to the prevention and treatment of illness.

Cold Away™


Manufactured by Health Concerns® as Cold Away, this special formulation of Gan Mao Ling and Ying Quiao along with other herbs specific to anti-viral qualities has demonstrated to be an effective, fast way to treat cold and flu at the onset of symptoms. Cold Away is not used for the prevention of cold and flu but has a very high rate of patient satisfaction and reported efficacy when taken at the early stages of illness.

Hevert® Cold & Flu Relief

A combination of eight carefully selected natural ingredients, Hevert Flu Relief has been formulated to support the body’s self-healing power. Taken at the first symptoms of the cold or flu, this non-drowsy formula can prevent the illness from worsening or spreading to bronchi or sinuses.

Evergreen® Immune +


Immune+ is a unique herbal formulation consisting of ingredients with tested therapeutic benefits, which help to strengthen your immune system and help prevent infection. Manufactured by Evergreen, Immune+ Granules & Capsules have been shown to be an effective immunity booster and antioxidant.

Yin Qiao


Available in pill and tincture form, Yin Qiao is a great first line of defense against the common cold. Yin Qiao is best taken at the initial signs of a cold or flu, especially when a sore throat is present. If taken in the early stages, it has shown evidence of preventing the illness from appearing and lessening the duration and severity of the cold.

Help your patients look beyond the modern medicine cabinet. Acu-Market offers practitioners a comprehensive array of herbal and natural cold & flu products that have stood the test of time and will continue to endure when Big Pharma’s latest and greatest ‘solution’ has gone the way of the dodo. Empower your patients with alternatives to OTC and prescription options. Order today.

No Health claims or other representations. Herbal products are food supplements. All statements made describing all products that are sold and or distributed by Acu-Market have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All herbal and natural products sold by Acu-Market are not meant to treat, cure or prevent disease. Under no circumstances does Acu-Market imply that all (any) products and formulas are meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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