Holiday Health

‘Tis the Season for Digestive Distress: Natural Alternatives to Break the Holiday Tradition

The holidays are once again upon us. For many people overindulgence and the holiday season go hand in hand. During this time of year, it is difficult to escape the rich, sugary and fatty food that seems to be found wherever you go. For those who overindulge, the holidays can bring heartburn, indigestion and discomfort. Even those who practice moderation can experience such digestion issues over the holidays. While prescription and over-the-counter options are available, there is a long tradition of maintaining digestive well-being through natural and herbal alternatives.

Gastrointestinal Relief by Hevert

Formulated from carefully selected natural active substances, Gastrointestinal Relief by Hevert provides temporary relief from the pressure, cramping and discomfort caused by digestive distress. The quick dissolving tablets help support digestive equilibrium that is negatively affected by stress and nervousness often associated with the holidays.

Organic Digest+

A unique organic food enzyme formula, Organic Digest+ contains 29 powdered fruits and vegetables combined with a select blend of 13 powerful enzymes including 120,000 units of Papain. This organic, Non-GMO Project Verified formula promotes nutrient absorption and helps with digestion after meals.

Easy Digestion – Bao He Wan Plus

Based on the traditional Chinese formula, Bao He Wan, Easy Digestion by Mahima aids the body in supporting healthy digestion and helps alleviate bloating, gas and gastric hyper-acidity.


Digestade is a combination of traditional Ayurvedic herbs commonly used to support digestion. Concentrated by technology that combines CO2 extracts with hydrophilic extracts, this new holistic extract can help in maintaining a healthy digestive system not just over the holidays but year-round.

Digestive issues don’t have to be an annual tradition. Incorporating some of these natural and herbal alternatives could bring more holiday cheer and less digestive distress. Visit Acu-Market to shop a comprehensive array of herbal and natural products that can help support digestive system well-being.


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