POCA Tech Scholarships

Community Acupuncture Scholarship Empowers the Next Generation of Acupuncturists

Community Acupuncture aims to make the physical, mental and emotional well-being associated with acupuncture within the reach of everybody. Acu-Market believes that to strengthen community acupuncture overall, we must strengthen the people who are enhancing the quality of life of others through acupuncture. In partnership with the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), Acu-Market established an annual scholarship at POCA Tech to empower and support the next generation of community acupuncturist also known as punks.

In 2019, Acu-Market was pleased to award scholarships to Zandrea Britt and Jaime Long!

“Thank you again for your investment in student like myself and our education. By awarding me this scholarship, you are allowing me to focus on the most important aspect of school, learning,” said Zandrea Britt. A second-year student at POCA Tech, Zandrea hopes to pay it forward someday. “I hope that one day I will also be able to help a student achieve their goals, like you have helped me.”

“There are so few scholarship opportunities available to students of acupuncture, and as it were, even fewer available to students pursuing a career in community acupuncture.  The fact that Acu-Market is excited about and dedicated to community acupuncture is rare and wonderful!!!” said third-year POCA Tech student Jamie Long.

In addition to the scholarship program, Acu-Market offers special pricing & exclusive benefits to community clinics. For more information, please contact Noor Khan at 561-842-2154 or by email noor.k@acu-market.com


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